Friday, 27 March 2015

The Residential School Experience

On Tuesday, March 31, Susie Jones will visit the college. Susie Jones is a Walpole Island First Nation Elder and a residential school survivor, and she's visiting to share information with us. This presentation will provide an opportunity for us to learn more about the residential school system--a system that, while it's no longer in practice, continues to have a powerful effect on the lives of many first nations people. It's a piece of Canadian history that we should all be aware of.

The title of Susie Jones' talk is "The Residential School Experience and the Intergenerational Impact on First Nations." We'll meet in the Lambton College Residence and Event Centre from 5-8, and soup, frybread and cookies will be served.

This is an important topic, and the presenter deserves our full attention and our respect, so we've asked that all who are attending enter the event in a spirit of reverence and thanks. We're asking that all in the audience avoid using cell phones during the presentation to demonstrate to the speaker that our full attention is on her and her story.

Registration is required, and space is limited: if you'd like to attend, please email Kim Jackson at to reserve a seat.

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