Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Jayu's #Street Photography Project

I’m looking forward to the presentation from Jayu today—like the members of this organization, I’ve always believed that art can be the genesis of powerful social change.

I’ve just been reading about Jayu’s new project for this spring, called the Street Photography Project. The organization is pairing homeless youth in Toronto with talented local photographers, providing them with cameras, and encouraging them to tell their stories through photographs.

At the end of the spring, the resulting photographs will be shared at local galleries, and all proceeds from sales will be returned to the young photographers.

This is a simple but powerful idea, and Jayu hopes that the resulting images will change lives—not just of the photographers involved, but also of viewers. Part of the goal is to “smash negative stigma and stereotypes about homeless youth.”

Please join us today in K203 at 1:30 to hear more about this and other Jayu initiatives. Visit their website to learn more:

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