Friday, 15 May 2015

Dignity for All: Upcoming Anti-Poverty Workshop

This past February, a group called Dignity for All released an anti-poverty plan for Canada. (Our Advisory Committee member Kelly Chappell Finch wrote a helpful blog post about the plan, which you can read hereKelly’s post also includes a link to the pdf of the full report.)

Now we have a chance to learn more about the report and to discuss its implications for Sarnia. On Thursday, May 28, from 9-11, the local Poverty Reduction Network will be hosting a workshop at Living Hope Christian Reformed Church, located at 1281 Exmouth Street in Sarnia. Anyone who would like to learn more about poverty, both locally and nationally, is invited to attend. Participants in the workshop will become part of the discussion about the causes of poverty and the structural changes necessary to equality for all.

Attendance is free.

You may have read last month’s article in The Observer about the workshop.

If you’d like more information about the workshop, please leave a note in the comments section or email me directly:

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