Monday, 21 September 2015

Chew on This

Dignity for All has been calling on the federal
government to create a plan to end poverty. 

On Tuesday, October 6, members of the Centre for Social Justice and Vocalize will take part in the "Chew on This" campaign. We'll hand out lunch bags containing an apple and information about the fight against poverty in Ontario. (You'll find us in the South Building, in A-hall, and we'll be there all day.) The goal is to get people talking about poverty, which is an impediment for increasing numbers of college students across the province. We also hope that our participation in this campaign will help to remind everyone that poverty should be a key election issue. 

The Precarity Penalty, released in May 2015 by McMaster University and the United Way, explains the connection between unstable employment and poverty. More and more Canadians are working in "precarious employment," without benefits or a livable wage. Part of the solution is increased access to education: the report notes that "Workers with fewer educational credentials are simply dropping out of the labour force" (14), suggesting that those who complete post-secondary education will have a better chance of success. But education is only part of the answer. Even for those with diplomas and degrees, contract and temporary positions have become increasingly normalized, and the income gap continues to grow. Without national vision, it will be difficult to create lasting change. 

To read more, visit The Precarity Penalty, available here:

To learn more about a federal anti-poverty plan, visit the Chew on This site:

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