Friday, 4 December 2015

The Give and Take Project at Lambton College

Earlier this week, a group of Lambton College students worked with their professor, Lois Nantais, to bring to life the Give and Take project.

The Give-and-Take board, which stands beside the Tim Horton's lineup, is alive and well
after a full week! 

The idea of the project is simple: a board covered with bright sticky notes stands beside the Tim Horton's line. Each sticky represents $2 that someone has donated to keep the project alive. Anyone in line is encouraged to take a sticky note if they need it and to leave a sticky note if they can. A donation box at the top of the sign allows the notes to be replenished.

Each day, notes are taken, and more are added. And everyone who walks past the sign thinks about what it means to give to those around us and to exist as part of a community.

Thank you to Lois and to her students for bringing this project to Lambton and for encouraging all of us to think about generosity. I'm excited to see how long we can keep this project alive!

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