Monday, 19 September 2016

Thank you Mariatu!

Mariatu Kamara shared her story with us on Friday. She spoke of her time in Sierra Leone before the war, of her memories of living in fear as the fighting moved closer to her village, of her horrific attack, and of her survival in the days afterwards. She also spoke of her hopes for change: she's a UNICEF spokesperson working to end the atrocities committed against women and children during war, and she's in the process of establishing the Mariatu Foundation, one of the goals of which to help women and children in Sierra Leone.

Paul Wiersma, Deve Persad, Mariatu Kamara, Chantelle Butterfield, Erica Kelly, and Susan Chamberlain
Mariatu's novel, The Bite of the Mango, tells her story of survival and hope; it's available for sale at The Book Keeper.

Mariatu's courage and resilience are inspirational. Thank you to everyone who collaborated to bring Mariatu to town, and thank you, Mariatu, for being here!

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