Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Dignity for All: Campaign for a Poverty-Free Canada

Last week, a coalition called Dignity for All released a "national anti-poverty plan for Canada." 

We've invited Kelly Chappell Finch, a member of the Centre for Social Justice Advisory Committee, to tell us a bit about this plan:

This is an important document to move the poverty reduction agenda forward from a grassroots perspective rather than it being directed by politics. The Dignity for All: Campaign for a Poverty-Free Canada offers solutions for the many components of poverty from child care to income security to housing security to food security to health care and employment. This robust approach to poverty reduction is the only way to move people out of poverty. 

See the full document here: 

Kelly Chappell Finch works with the Circles Program at Lambton College, a group committed to eliminating poverty in our community. She also teaches in the Human Service Foundation Program. 

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