Friday, 6 February 2015

Empty Bowls 2015

This past week at Lambton College has been a busy one. Two different groups of people here at the college led two very successful, well-attended events. The first, as I've posted about here, was the Round Dance. Just a few days later, many of us were back in the Lambton College Event Centre for a second celebration: Empty Bowls.

Last Tuesday marked the eighth annual Empty Bowls event here in Sarnia. The evening was enormously successful: both the 5pm and the 7pm dinners were sold out, and the event raised over $9000 for The Inn of the Good Shepherd and Lambton College's own food bank.

Our volunteers ladling soup and passing out bread to the guests.
The entire evening was organized by Beth Turnbull-Morrish, our tireless ceramics instructor at the college. She plans and prepares for the evening with help from the local potters guild and ceramics students, and with the support of many helpful local community organizations. She also had the help of many enthusiastic student volunteers.
Local potters made and donated the beautiful bowls, about a dozen local restaurants donated soup, and several bakeries donated bread. Everything was delicious!

Some of the attendees, with their beautiful new pottery bowls: Crystal Fach,
Kari Roos, Joe Cannon, Katie Horvath, and Ruth Geurts
Thanks to everyone who made this night such a success. I'll let you know when we have a date for Empty Bowls 2016!

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