Friday, 20 November 2015

Art Can Change the World

If, like me, you left the Global Citizenship Summit more excited than ever about the possibility of effecting social change through art, I hope you'll consider checking out Jayu's fundraising campaign.

The Human Rights Film Festival is just one of Jayu's many projects that uses art to increase awareness about social injustices.

This organization is devoted to using art as a platform for change: they've recognized that art can ignite conversation around injustice in a way few other things can, and they encouraging all of us to watch, listen, and learn.

Donate in any amount that you can: any contribution is useful. For a $40 donation, Jayu will give you two tickets to their opening night film on December 11 in Toronto!

Art can change the world, but only if the artists and the organizations that provide us access to the art have the funding they need to continue their important work. Help Jayu keep doing what it does best.

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