Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Hunger Count 2015

Food Banks Canada recently released the 2015 Hunger Report. You can download the full report here

To learn more about Hunger Count 2015 and Food Banks Canada's recommendations, visit their site.
More Canadians rely on food banks than ever before. Among many other important findings, the 2015 Hunger Report notes that "In March 2015, 852,137 people received food from a food bank in Canada. More than one-third of those helped were children."

Sarnia's own Inn of the Good Shepherd is also trying to help more people than ever before: their website notes that they're helping many first-time users and trying to address a "25% increase in need." Our local food banks need our help. But as Food Banks Canada's recommendations make clear, we also need structural change so that fewer Canadians need to rely on food banks.

Visit Food Banks Canada if you'd like to learn how you can help to end hunger in Canada.

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